Butch Shastri and the Sundar Kid

Alison Mitchell is usually a model of restraint on commentary, albeit not a model in the sense many of her male counterparts ever follow her Benaud-like economy of words. Yet even she allowed herself a little exclamation of awe at one of Washington Sundar’s drives during the 21-year-old’s astounding 62 at The Gabba. Later in the day she was presented with a birthday cake by all her illustrious broadcasting colleagues. However fratboy boisterous behind the mic they might be, Slats et al clearly have utmost respect for the woman with whom they share it. Mitchell was flattered at around a thousand Test caps - and Gideon Haigh - serenading her, but undeterred from announcing the news was up next. You sensed Sundar’s crisp and poetic exploration of the covers remained her favourite moment of the day.

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